Antonio Muñoz is currently a PhD student and a research assistant in the GISUM group at the University of Malaga. He holds an MSc degree in Computer Science and a Postgraduate Master degree in Software Engineer and Artificial Intelligence, both of them from the University of Malaga. His principal research interests are in the area of Agent technology, Digital Rights Management Systems and security engineering. Antonio is involved in the EU Sixth Framework Programme project Ubisec, Serenity, and in the EU Seventh Framework Programme project OKKAM. foto de Anto


Computer Science Department (Lab 3.3.4)

E.T.S. Ingenieria Informatica

Campus de Teatinos

University of Malaga

29071 - Malaga (Spain)

Ph: +34-952-133303

Fax: +34-952-131397


Research Interests

Actual research interest focus on:

* Security in Agent Systems

* Protected & Trusted Computing

* Security & Dependability Engineering

Previous research activities:

* Digital Rights Management Systems

* Trusted Computing & Smartcards Developments